Gem Gem Blitz

◆ Game Story
● The weak prince has got into trouble.
– Now it’s the damsel’s turn to save him.
The princess must face perilous stages fraught with dangerous monsters and Bosses.
Help her break through the obstacles and save her prince!

◆ Features
● Gem Gem Blitz is a puzzle game that is easy to control and fun to play.
● A fun and cute story, beautiful backgrounds, and irresistible characters
● Over 240 different stages and 16 different Boss monsters

● 8 different types of beautiful gems
● Special blocks with various effects
● Various bonuses are available to help you clear the stages quickly and easily.

● The Gauge item removes all the blocks in one screen.
● Funny, clever obstacles that you’ve never seen before
● The game stages can be challenged at different difficulty levels.
● Play with your Facebook friends. Clear as many stages as you can, and try to beat all your friends.